The Team

John is a local advice worker in the area offering the service his valuable time in a management capacity.
Maria is an accountant from the local area and after growing up in the area and volunteering at the service in the past she offered her time to help the service with accounting and management.
Angela is a local community resident representative, giving the directors/trustee a community point of view as well as volunteering in the stores.
Management Team
Brenda has been working for the service for 27 years, firstly as a volunteer, developing and building the service from the grass routes and the eventually the service was able to offer her a contract of employment.
Dawn had been working at the service for over 15 years, firstly as a volunteer for 8 years whilst her children were young and then when the service was able to employ an assistant manager. Dawn applied for the position and returned to us.
Staff Team
Emma was employed in 2019 to coordinate the Food For Life hub, securing suppliers and distributing food for the community.
David came to the service on a job centre placement for 6 month and after proving himself a good team member he applied for a position that came available.
Danny came to the service on a job centre work placement for 6 month and after proving himself a valuable team member he applied for a position that came available. 
Danny has since been promoted to van driver coordinating the Pick ups and Deliveries. 
Ashley came to the service as a volunteer at a young age for 12 month. He then moved on to other employment , but returned to us many years later after he applied for a position that came available.
Kaitlyn is a part time retail assistant happy to help. She also work at local Youth projects and after volunteering at the service was successful in securing a position.
Danny volunteered for the project from an early age, helping in school holidays and when he had free time. Last year he was employed after applying for an available position.
Placement/Volunteers - from time to time you may see other team members on site as we offer a work experience/volunteer program for the long term unemployed and young people. not all of them can  be listed on the site this changes very frequently when they are successful in securing more permanent employment. 
If you would like to be involved by volunteering in the stores or helping with the management committee. please do not hesitate to contact us.
Helping Homeless

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